Friday, November 20, 2009

Change that Happened....

It happened like this

It was the month of November 2008 when I called up my father in Chandigarh to come to home and just be with us in festive season, He is 72 yrs and he straight forwarded denied that he is no longer interested in the society of dead people where they cannot unite and do something for their own benefit. Actually he was active member in gali mohalla society for development from last 11 years and participating in various developments but due to political influence on the group of old people and veterans he is helpless in getting the things done.

All of the sudden my wife jolted me by saying that “what is that we have contributed towards this? We didn’t even spared our time to help him and discuss what is on his mind?Now my better half and I were just thinking how it would be if we change our home and look for the job somewhere else as this society is not coming up and civic infrastructure is bad despite of developed sectors of HUDA.

Now I got my inner call and we planned together that we are going to make gathering of like minded people for up lifting of the civic infrastructure in our street rather than looking at the outside help of authorities.

Here comes the day Lohri 13th Jan 2009–The great festival of togetherness and I started inviting the people for the evening and came to know that my neighbors are living in water tight compartments and they are not even interested in sharing the place for lohri. They are blaming others like HindustanPakistan and are not even bothered to participate of good cause of society.

I took this up and shouted for help to my distant neighbors and told them if none of them willcome and join us for the representation then me and my wife will go to local ward counselor and will ask the authorities in HUDA to give us the Plan & dates. Since we are just living in busy life, we were looking for people strength to support. Well Listening to this, one gentleman offered himself but denied the participation of his lady and then it was 18th Jan 2009 when we reached MCF counselor’s place for the representation and found that he got the news of our representation beforehand from various gali mohalla people and started making excuses of not getting the things performed.

We sat calmly and repeated our question after his excuses. All of the sudden all present became silent and started looking at our faces that why I am asking the same question when he advocated the reasons of not performing the work.

He (Counselor) got irritated and said What I want from him?..

Now that ‘s my ball to hit…:)

I straightly told him that if he is incapable then he must allow us to move forward to higher authorities and media for getting the work done and he has to support. He immediately replied that he will do it for us if I bring at least a bunch of 50 odd men for representation to MCF commissioner’s office and then he will give full support. Now he is playing political game which all other with us understood and got united for high arguments "Saa... and further sticked to our demand of proper civic amenities.

You know this gave me remembrances of our odd fight 15 years back in college by all boys and girls of Diploma ’93 for the affliation of college to technical university in longowal. “Jo humse takrayga Choor choor ho jayega…” Dean- Director Hai Hai..

But the difference was - I was behaving like leader and family man struck in-between the situation of do or die for reputation. I went back and met my neighbors, told them whole story and they assured me of political help if anything goes wrong due to counselor but they can't get political help for providing civic amenities.

You know my lady said immediately, that nothing more can go wrong if we sat like deaf & dumb now and then we started meeting every member in our neighborhood in our lane and requested them to join us on 21st Jan at 10.30AM (appointment from commissioner) for representation in MCF and I engaged myself in arranging the transport, facilities and other display material. In the meantime old gentleman from society came and warned us that whatever we are doing is spoiling the status of the last representations made to higher authorities and anything done in excitement is not good for whole of the society.

I said to them’ “Sir when I called all of you, you were saying “Sorry ji, aap jaa kar dekh lo, Kuch Hone wala nahi hai… Now why are you stopping us?”Then they said OK we will come, but you have to be very patient and silent when we were talking to the commissioner.

Me and my wife said OK, but internally we are so burnt, that we really want to hit harder.

Well just on 21st Jan 2009 we made up our mind and I took short leave from my office to visit commissioners office and I saw outside my house two old ladies, well dressed and one old gentleman who said chale beta ji…This is all despite of disinterest.

I tell you friends.. Nothing stopped me from getting thrilled and my eyes were not able to stop the distillery. The drops coming in my eyes are in all corners and then on full beam mode expressed the joy of togetherness and change we thought of.

By the time we reached the common place of gathering flowers were arranged as planned for our representation, collected the signature of 59 family members out of 72 houses of the lane on our representation and thought that we will be polite but if something didn’t worked out we are not going to come back home and will sit in commissioner’s office. I told my mother to take care of my children at the back after their school time if something delayed the matter & my mother told me boldly- OK go and get it done Beta..,

At commissioner’s office –I was in such a heat that my whole body warmed up and my face is glowing red with my ears and my wife said to me, “Dear don’t worry, we are not going to leave this here.”

I said “You know I just want to make it in one go…”She nodded in yes.

Commissioner’s car came and supporters of councilor started raising slogans of Khullar saab Jindabad... and greatness of the commissioner and as he stepped out, our councilor met him and requested him to give us few minutes before going in office and all ladies and old men of the society presented flowers as gesture of Gandhigiri and expressed their thanks to Commissioner for him to be so helping till date but said my wife –"Sir, You have done so much for other sectors till now, but why are you not doing for us, where is the delay and what can we do as residents of society for this cause." He said '" I thought you all are here to fight but since you have shown good gesture so i am speechless." and said "ok I will look into the files , why these are not moved and will make it sure that Work orders be released very soon and also committed that he will hand over details to counselor by next morning". This all became a part of Media news and All were rejoiced with his assurance and came back.

Before The representation -30days x 12 months scene -floods in Rainy season

After 15 days of follow up we got our development started in society lane and you can see the difference. We got cemented roads; we got our Sewerage tanks cleaned.So...

My request to all readers,

Come on, We can change the world and start from your own society, Just think what we can do for it and check for the helping media available.

Now -20.11.2009

Mile sur mera tumhara to sur bane hamara....




  1. Good Keep it up... Hume tumahare jaise neta he chaiye.....


  2. Beautiful!! Amazing!! I am glad that togetherness at Longowal inspired you so much!! You are blessed to have a beautiful and supportive wife..

    God bless both of you and now what is next on agenda.. let this insipration leads you to do much bigger things..

    I liked your blog title and the lines beneath it.. Welcome to blog world!!!