Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goverdhan Dhanghati Giriraj mandir mukharbind.

Hi everybody..
Hope to see you all very fine as i look for myself, Its always great to see everybody fuelled positive richly to live next. Yesterday i was at Giriraj ji, See how beutiful are the arrangements at the goverdhan parvat. We took Parikrama at parikrama marg this is of total 7 Kos = 21 Kilometers in total, Heavy rush of devotees and further enjoyable Prasad counters with Water serving hubs. It was great experience, No words...

Goverdhan Dhanghati Giriraj mandir

This is the day of ekadshi and i am fortunate to have the darshans. May Great GOD Krishna bless all of you.

Bye, till then Radhe Radhe

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hi friends, sorry for being in remote,

Well today on my way to Gurgaon for the Job early in morning at 8.0 o'clock, I took these pic's where i was thinking that somewhere in the past our honourable supreme court has banned these " Patthar ke Sanam" Look at these Pics, How dangerously these are plying on the roads without following the rules. These does not give dam about any of the law, please be careful while driving on these roads i have myself seen few accidents with the fall of the patthars on the new shining cars when they are moving uphills, and the point of concern is that these are not also fit for carrying heavy loads as i see often the trucks having their sunny day saying" awwwwaee..." with broken axles, some trucks are fallen on the side lanes like they are saying, " Ab bas kar yaar, mujhe sone do... saala sare din chalata hai, mujhe chalu rakh ke khud so jaata hai"... Patthar ke sanam...., Buri nazar wale tera muh kaala aur tu mera saala... Aaj Muasam bada baiman hai....