Monday, December 23, 2013

A VISIT TO GUJARAT... After a long wait....... Part -1

(अहमदाबाद, राजकोट,जामनगर,द्वारिका , बेट द्वारिका ,पोरबंदर , सोमनाथ, दिऊ , सोमनाथ - जामनगर , अहमदाबाद )

Friends .. I want to share exhilarating experience and  joy which i had with my family during our Dushhera / Navaratra Holidays.

It was planned in destiny to move this Year, ...Why? i have been trying to visit Gujarat since 2010 for long break on spiritual tour  to Saurashtra.( Dwarkaji, Somnath ji, Diu and Gir National park)...

In short we planned our visit without much of experience and fears of being out on the tour with no body back at home. We were 6 members, My Parents above 65 and myself along with my wife and 2 kids.

It started all of Sudden during Independence day holidays to plan for the Gujarat visit, we chalked out  itinerary with map and decided on routes and alternate routes. It started with approval of Holidays and Air Tickets, Train tickets and locations finding at various places, budget was tight but  it was unreasonable on my part to restrict within budgets if I am planning to visit the tour after 3 years, I must look around the means and ways to save but not to restrict the budgets. anyways, after humiliation and surprises of the airline  and supporting tour planning sites (Never trust Go-ibibo site and promotional codes) I got my ticket confirmations and then it started in IInd week of October. The surroundings were not hot like July and August but almost pleasant due to going rains. Well with God's grace  it was beautiful whether with clear skies in Delhi.
 On the day of 10th we started from Delhi airport  at 10.30 Flight and reached Ahmedabad airport taxi stand at 12.30 PM.
Delhi Domestic Airport

Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel Airport Ahmedabad

आ गये

Started  with prebooked Innova for the Itenary from Ahmedabad and gone upto Chotila for Lunch as it was just out of Ahmedabad. Midway we had our first Gujurati dish -Khaman dhokla  and save bhujia - reaally tasty yaar... Now on to next  route we had experience of bad roads as  it was just after heavy rainy season but very low traffic due to navaratri festival, we seen many pandals of garba on the way and felt the festivity in air of gujarat.
To Dwarka ji (Okha) we have chosen route via rajkot and jamnagar highway. It was 7 Hrs continuous Drive to finally one stop at Jamnagar. On highway we seen Australian cricket team in Bus and also seen the readiness and cricket fever among the people of Rajkot -marvelous view.We seen largest refinery of Asia in Jamnagar through our Car windows only as we are getting late  for the booked Hotel at Dwarikaji. Rightly to mention here - dwarika ji has got lot of hotels to stay so no need to panic for the people - but it is always good to Pre book your stay if you are reaching on odd times. we opted for Kokila Dheeraj Dham and have already confirmed in morning from Ahmadabad about our  visit and got very nice AC rooms for Rs 800 per day basis. Though not very exclusively maintained but it was nice to stay. Having beautiful scenic view and close to Sea beach and evening sunset point (generally happens from 6:10 to 6:35 PM (October).  For Dinner and lunch prefferred eating in  Hotel Guruprerna Restaurant and other small restaurants due to taste licking opportunities  for the tounge. Anyways, we all in the family had resolution that we will take care of our ownself whenever we  go for the eating  and nobody will impose the tastes. we stayed at Dwarika ji on 10th night and 11th Night for the full Mazza...
Kokila dheeraj dham room
Sunset at Dwarka ji
Camel ride on Sheru
Feeling the winds 

 In Dwarika - reached 10th Night - Planned for the Byet Dwarika next morning at 7.30 AM, on way we gone to Nageshwar Mahadev temple, Nice Temple - one of the famous Jyotirlinga. Visited  - Gopi talav
(गोपी तालाब ) and had darshan of Mahaprabhu ji ki baithak and  straight to Okha terminal for Byet Dwaarika, there are several small places but  these were insignificant if you have very limited time to visit all mandirs, thanks to information from all the places that we were at Okha terminal by 9.30 AM after having all around 25 minutes drive and visits to Nagaeshwar ji and Gopi talav. We boarded the ferry at jetty and there were private family  ferries also but we took, which ever is available on the point of boarding and started for Byet dwarika, it was parents  wish and there huge courage to travel all through and enjoy this. My mother who was week from legs safely boarded the ferry  after stepping troubles and it started...
We all in family on the Ferry


5 Kms Away  - Byet Dwarika

We had Darshan of Lord Dwarikadhish, and Rukmani ji, Lakshmi ji and Sudama garhi at Byet Dwarika , later we gone to Hanuman temple - makardhwaj dham on the auto rickshaw, who were not willing to go for small family but on special cost and request they took us to round of 5-6 kms  from Dwarika Dhish temple on the very narrow way.

On return from Byet dwarika, we visited Rukmani devi 13th century temple where only sweet water is distributed as prasad as  it is cursed  for centuries by Rishi Durwasa for salty water (A part of story  as narrated by panda of the Mandir, Rukmani stayed in this temple area for 12 years and worshipped Lord Krishna -Dwarkadhish through Idol.)

Well it was whole day now and we felt very hungry -  it was 4.00 PM  and all restaurants  closed their kitchens - only things we are left to taste are  Bananas, Chai and Mtthi and Mirchi  Masala pav. Planned for the sun set evening rides and evening darshan of Dwarikadhish Temple - the only left out place........ - Wow   just thinking of it...  is giving me thrills...

 read part -II of the experience sharing.... अभी तो  द्वारिकापुरी  कि रात और पोरबंदर से  सोमनाथ जी  के रस्ते का पूरा ब्यौरा बाकि है , , बस फिर   मिलते हैं ब्रेक के बाद.....

Bye, Regards and Love you a lot :)
Jai Dwarikadhish

 Shilpa and Aditya.....

WOW with PF office (Provident Fund  withdrawal at Faridabad, Haryana)

It was December'13 when I thought of withdrawal  of my PF  saved in my last to last company M/s BHP Infrastructure. I was withdrawing the PF after 3 years of my relieving date and  hence I was not knowing the rules and procedures - but thanks to the latest downloaded form and HR cites  forum I trusted from Internet and got to the  latest application and filled all the details.

Dear friends after 6 months wait from my company for the clearance  of the form due to uncertain management at company  - i was able to get the form through very helpful newly recruited staff - Thanks to CA - Manju Mangla and whole team for supporting. 

With my experience of withdrawal, i would like to provide few good inputs those who wish to submit such forms for quick submission.

Kindly tick /check the RTGS transfer  box in the form so that payment gets transferred automatically and also make sure to attache the cancelled cheque to avoid unwanted embarrassment later on. Also  take care to put transparent cello tape on the A/c Number and kindly be noted about the timings of department so that you go prepared as per the time in morning  and can come out easily in few minutes.

I would say this was amazing experience  when yesterday I received all my fund in my personal saving account and i had earlier experience with PF office but   - this time it was quite  satisfying.

Bye and Best of Luck to all my well wishers - Happy new Year