Monday, December 23, 2013

WOW with PF office (Provident Fund  withdrawal at Faridabad, Haryana)

It was December'13 when I thought of withdrawal  of my PF  saved in my last to last company M/s BHP Infrastructure. I was withdrawing the PF after 3 years of my relieving date and  hence I was not knowing the rules and procedures - but thanks to the latest downloaded form and HR cites  forum I trusted from Internet and got to the  latest application and filled all the details.

Dear friends after 6 months wait from my company for the clearance  of the form due to uncertain management at company  - i was able to get the form through very helpful newly recruited staff - Thanks to CA - Manju Mangla and whole team for supporting. 

With my experience of withdrawal, i would like to provide few good inputs those who wish to submit such forms for quick submission.

Kindly tick /check the RTGS transfer  box in the form so that payment gets transferred automatically and also make sure to attache the cancelled cheque to avoid unwanted embarrassment later on. Also  take care to put transparent cello tape on the A/c Number and kindly be noted about the timings of department so that you go prepared as per the time in morning  and can come out easily in few minutes.

I would say this was amazing experience  when yesterday I received all my fund in my personal saving account and i had earlier experience with PF office but   - this time it was quite  satisfying.

Bye and Best of Luck to all my well wishers - Happy new Year


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